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Chromatin Remodeling

Turegun B, Baker RW, Leschziner AE and Dominguez R (2018). Actin-related proteins regulate the RSC chromatin remodeler by weakening intramolecular interactions of the Sth1 ATPase. Comms. Biol. 1. (link)

Xu J*, Lahiri I*, Wang W, Wier A, Cianfrocco MA, Chong J, Hare AA, Dervan PB, DiMaio F, Leschziner AE# and Wang D# (2017). Structural basis for the initiation of eukaryotic transcription-coupled DNA repair. Nature 551: 653-7.

Nguyen VQ, Ranjan A, Stengel F, Wei D, Aebersold R, Wu C and Leschziner AE (2013). Molecular architecture of the ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complex SWR1. Cell 154: 1220-1231. (link)

Leschziner AE (2011). Electron Microscopy studies of nucleosome remodelers. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 21:709-718 [Review] {download PDF}

Leschziner AE, Saha A, Wittmeyer J, Zhang Y, Bustamante C, Cairns BR and Nogales E (2007). Conformational flexibility in the chromatin remodeler RSC observed by electron microscopy and the orthogonal tilt reconstruction method. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 4913-8. {download PDF}

Leschziner AE, Lemon B, Tjian R and Nogales E (2005). Structural studies of the human PBAF chromatin-remodeling complex. Structure (Camb) 13: 267-75. {download PDF}


Htet ZM, Gillies JP, Baker RW, Leschziner AE, DeSantis ME# and Reck-Peterson SL# (2019). Lis1 has two opposing modes of regulating cytoplasmic dynein. bioRxiv

DeSantis ME*, Cianfrocco MA*, Htet ZM*, Tran PT, Reck-Peterson SL# and Leschziner AE# (2017). Lis1 has two opposing modes of regulating cytoplasmic dynein. Cell 170:1197-1201. And here is the bioRxiv version. 

Cianfrocco MA*, DeSantis ME*, Leschziner AE and Reck-Peterson SL (2015). Mechanism and regulation of cytoplasmic dynein. Annu. Rev. Cell. Dev. Biol. 31:83-108

Toropova K*, Zou S*, Roberts AJ, Redwine WB, Goodman BS, Reck-Peterson SL# and Leschziner AE# (2014). Lis1 regulates dynein by sterically blocking its mechanochemical cycle. eLIFE: 03372 (link)

Cianfrocco MA, Leschziner AE (2014).Traffic control: adaptor proteins guide dynein-cargo takeoff. EMBO J 33:1845-6 [News & Views]

Derr ND*, Goodman BS*, Jungmann R, Leschziner AE, Shih WM and Reck-Peterson SL (2012). Tug-of-war in motor protein ensembles revealed with a programmable DNA origami scaffold. Science 338:662-665 {download PDF}

Redwine WB*, Hernandez-Lopez R*, Zou S, Huang J, Reck-Peterson SL and Leschziner AE (2012). Structural basis for microtubule binding and release by dynein. Science 337:1532-1536 {download PDF}{Supplemental movies}

Huang J*, Roberts A*, Leschziner AE and Reck-Peterson SL (2012). Lis1 acts as a "clutch" between the ATPase and microtubule-binding domains of the dynein motor. Cell 150:975-986 {download PDF}

EM Methods

Lahiri I, Xu J, Han BG, Oh J, Wang D, DiMaio F and Leschziner AE (2019). 3.1Å structure of yeast RNA polymerase II elongation complex stalled at a cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer lesion solved using streptavidin affinity grids. J. Struct Biol. (Epub ahead of print). And here is the bioRxiv version.

Cianfrocco MA, Lahiri I, DiMaio F and Leschziner AE (2018). cryoem-cloud-tools: A software platform to deploy and manage cryo-EM jobs in the cloud. J. Struct Biol. 203:230-5. doi: And here is the bioRxiv version.

Cianfrocco MA and Leschziner AE (2015). Low cost, high performance processing of single particle cryo-electron microscopy data in the cloud. eLIFE 06664 (link). And here is the bioRxiv version.

Chandramouli P, Hernandez-Lopez R, Wang HW and Leschziner AE (2011). Validation of the ortogonal tilt reconstruction method with a biological test sample. J. Struct Biol. 175:85-96 {download PDF}

Leschziner A E (2010). The ortogonal tilt reconstruction method. Methods in Enzymology. 2010 482:237-262 [Review]{download PDF}

Leschziner AE and Nogales E (2007). Visualizing flexibility at molecular resolution: Analysis of heterogeneity in single-particle electron microscopy reconstructions. Annu. Rev. Biophys. Biomol. Struct. Vol.36: 43-62 [Review] {download PDF}

Leschziner AE and Nogales E (2006). The Orthogonal Tilt Reconstruction method: an approach to generating single-class volumes with no missing cone for ab initio reconstruction of asymmetric particles. J. Struct Biol. 153:284-99. {download PDF}

Other Projects

Partlow EA*, Baker RW*, Beacham GM, Chappie JS, Leschziner AE# and Hollopeter G# (2019). A structural mechanism for phosphorylation-dependent inactivation of the AP2 complex. bioRxiv.